How XGBoost Enforces Global Monotonicity for Features

  1. Local monotonic split: Whenever the training considers a node: x₁ < some threshold, it computes the optimal left leaf and right leaf values, as if that is the final split. The split is only taken if the left leaf ≤ right leaf, otherwise it is discarded and the algorithm considers other splits.
  2. Local monotonic tree: If there are further children splits, any leaves of the left (right) descendants will be smaller (greater) than the current optimal (left leaf + right leaf)/2, so the local monotonic split is preserved down the road. This value constraint is enforced throughout the trees if the monotone constraint is specified. So within a decision tree, left descendant leaves of x₁ < right descendant leaves of x₁.
  3. Global monotonic sum-ensemble: XGBoost uses sum of all leaves as the final prediction of the ensemble. This preserves monotonicity for the ensemble.
  • If we use fᵢ to represent tree i: ∀ x₁<x₁’, fᵢ(x₁, x₂, …, xₙ) ≤ fᵢ(x₁’, x₂, …, xₙ), where fᵢ maps the input to a concrete value.
  • Therefore, we have Σᵢ fᵢ(x₁, x₂, …, xₙ) ≤ Σᵢ fᵢ(x₁’, x₂, …, xₙ).




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Yizheng Chen

Yizheng Chen

Security Researcher

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